Beer Lineup

Flight of Beers

Deep River Brewing Company Flagship Beers

Wow, this is my new favorite wheat beer of all time!
- Ryan

Twisted River Wit

Deep River Brewing Company's Twisted River Wit is a full flavor Belgian Witbier with hints of orange and citrus notes weaved with a Belgian yeast strain! Great for those warm summer days. 4.5% ABV & 11 IBUs

I can’t wait until you guys open so I can buy this and share it with my friends
- Jerry

Riverbank Rye-It

Deep River Brewing Company's Riverbank Rye-It is an amber pale ale, with subtle hints of rye and citrus. The spicy notes imparted by the rye thread together nicely with the citrusy aromas of Columbus hops. 5.2% ABV & 52 IBUs

Flight of Beers

Deep River Brewing Company Year Round & Seasonal Beers

I am not a big fan of spiced beers, but I cannot put this one down!
- John

JoCo White Winter (Winter seasonal)

Deep River Brewing Company's JoCo White Winter is a seasonal Belgian Dubbel that is brewed with fresh Johnston County white sweet potatoes, toasted marshmallows, and a blend of spices. This is a... challenge (PAIN) to brew (think marshmallows stuck in your hair) but it's worth it because it's one of our favorite to drink. 7.5% ABV

That's what I'm talkin about!
- Corey

backcountry black ipa (year-round)

Deep River Brewing Company's Backcountry Black IPA is an Imperial Pale Ale that is hopped up with 5 unique hop varieties that blends nicely with its slightly roasty malt backbone. 7.9% ABV 

You need to open before my birthday so I can purchase 2 kegs of this from you
- Stacy

Double D's watermelon Lager (summer seasonal) 

Deep River Brewing Company's Double D's Watermelon Lager is a bright crisp lager that has a hint of fresh Johnston County watermelon infused flavor that is perfect for those hot North Carolina days. This refreshing brew is named after the owner's fathers who are both named 'Don' and are both fans of traditional lager style beers. 1st Place Winner in the 2011 Piedmont Brewer's Cup for Fruit Beer & 2014 Silver Award Winner at Carolina Championship of Beer 4.5% ABV

This has the body of a stout but is very smooth and enjoyable
- Lynn

4042 Stout (year-round)

Deep River Brewing Company's 4042 stout is a sweet stout brewed with generous amounts of freshly ground cocoa, chocolate malt and cocoa nibs from local North Carolina chocolatiers. 6.5% ABV

Wow! I could definitely drink a few of these
- Kevin

Oxbow IPA (year-round)

Deep River Brewing Company's Oxbow IPA is a light bodied full flavor IPA that has a rotating hop profile. 4.5% ABV

Nice and light!
- Jackie

Cottontown Lager (spring seasonal)

Deep River Brewing Company's Cottontown Lager is a light refreshing lager that is perfect for spring and summer days 4.5% ABV

Mmm Pumpkin Pie in a glass
- Jessica

Pumpkin Pie Porter (Fall seasonal)

Deep River Brewing Company's Pumpkin Pie Porter is a porter style beer with all of your favorite pumpkin pie spices 5.9% ABV