ALC. 5.7% BY VOL.


Mango Tango Foxtrot is a juicy IPA with notes of guava and ripe mangos. You will be happy to know that no mangos perished while making this beer. The tropical notes are derived from Australian hop varieties used in this beer coupled with our house ale yeast strain. Mango Tango Foztrot is dedicated to everyone out there who is not afraid to hop out of the box and try something new. Before you know it you’ll be calling hop bombs all day long!





ALC. 4.5% BY VOL.

This beer is released each spring through the summer as a tip of the hat to North Carolina’s original cash crop. Back in the day, Clayton was dubbed “Cottontown” as the proximity of the railroad and textile mills brought goods to market with ease. Our brewery resides in what was one of the three original cotton mills located in the Clayton area. 


Our mission is to craft beers to be enjoyed by all—light, dark, hoppy, or otherwise. Enjoy!





ALC. 7.8% BY VOL.


It’s a sign of the changing seasons when our sweet potatoes, or what we refer to as taters, start popping out of the ground. The mystery that surrounds this beer is a close guarded one but we will let you in on the secret. We add over 200 pounds of white sweet potatoes to every batch and believe us when we say these things are huge! Each one is roasted to make squeezing the sugar out of these fatties a little easier. Be sure to bring some of these things to your next dinner party and don’t forget to eat (or drink) your veggies! #jocowhitetater



ALC. 4.5% BY VOL.

A traditional Belgian-style witbier with spices. Notes of citrus and coriander weave together with our Belgian yeast strain to create a perfect balance of flavors that are subtle and enjoyable all year round. This beer is the only lure you need in your tackle box.




ALC. 7.9% BY VOL.


This India Pale Ale is a big, black, hoppy monster. With everything you love about a traditional West Coast IPA while its dark chocolate roasted malts keep it true to its east coast roots. Five different hop varieties, including two different dry hop additions, add to the layering of hops in this beer and make it deliciously complex, yet easy to drink. Sticky to the last drop.

















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