ALC. 4.5% BY VOL.


Limetown Lager is a variation of our Cottontown Lager in which we add over 5 pounds of lime juice and zest per barrel. The limes give the beer a well rounded snappy citrus quality which plays well with the sleek framework that is Cottontown Lager. 


We collaborated on this beer with our friends at Screaming Chicken Racing. They’re a professional motorcycle race team based in the area. The things that make them competitive are: they know the fastest way around the track, they keep the rubber side down (most of the time), and most importantly the faster you get to the finish line, the better the chances are that a Limetown Lager will be waiting for you. 



ALC. 5.9% BY VOL.


Our Pumpkin Pie Porter won’t stick to your ribs like grandma’s cooking, but it sure packs a fistful of flavor. We pack 7 pounds of pumpkin per barrel into this beer along with our perfect blend of pumpkin pie spices. We know grandma always said “don’t spoil your supper with too many drinkypoos” but we say indulge because grandma is in the kitchen drinking dandelion wine anyways!