PUMPKIN PIE PORTER ALC. 5.9% BY VOL. PORTER Our Pumpkin Pie Porter won’t stick to your ribs like grandma’s cooking, but it sure packs a fistful of flavor. We pack 7 pounds of pumpkin per barrel into this beer along with our perfect blend of pumpkin pie spices. We know grandma always said “don’t spoil your supper with too many drinkypoos” but we say indulge because grandma is in the kitchen drinking dandelion wine anyways!


ALC. 7.8% BY VOL.

BELGIAN DUBBEL It’s a sign of the changing seasons when our sweet potatoes, or what we refer to as taters, start popping out of the ground. The mystery that surrounds this beer is a close guarded one but we will let you in on the secret. We add over 200 pounds of white sweet potatoes to every batch and believe us when we say these things are huge! Each one is roasted to make squeezing the sugar out of these fatties a little easier. Be sure to bring some of these things to your next dinner party and don’t forget to eat (or drink) your veggies! #jocowhitetater


ALC. 4.5% BY VOL.

AMERICAN LAGER This beer is released each spring through the summer as a tip of the hat to North Carolina’s original cash crop. Back in the day, Clayton was dubbed “Cottontown” as the proximity of the railroad and textile mills brought goods to market with ease. Our brewery resides in what was one of the three original cotton mills located in the Clayton area. Light, crisp American lager that is perfect for hot summer days. Our mission is to craft beers to be enjoyed by all—light, dark, hoppy, or otherwise. Enjoy!


ALC. 4.5% BY VOL.

AMERICAN LAGER WITH FRUIT This lager contains 100% malted barley, finishes dry, with a touch of fresh cut watermelon to excite your palate. Best enjoyed by a body of water or after a long hike on a hot day (although we are not going to discriminate where you stop to drink yours). Enjoy this beer if you are a man, woman, or robot programmed to love.


ALC. 4.7% BY VOL.


Limoncello is a big bold bright ale that is like a sip of sunshine with every tip of the can. It pours yellow like the sun and goes down as easy as fresh squeezed lemonade. The predominant flavors that come through this beer are from our Blonde Sour that we brew with Sorachi Ace hops and we added a boatload of lemons that create the intense lemon aroma and flavor.

Pull up a chair, take off your shoes and enjoy the view.

700 W. Main Street, Suite 102

Clayton, NC 27520

PHONE: 919.585.2296

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