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Brewgaloo Recap

Friday, May 04, 2012 Comments (0)

 We were very excited to receive an invite to Brewgaloo 2012. We knew this would be a great opportunity to showcase our beer and let hundreds of people sample it. After much thought, we decided to bring about 30 gallons of beer because we knew we would only be pouring 3oz samples. It was interesting to see what people chose from the beer lineup and to hear all of the feedback we received as each person came up to the table to try some.

To start it all off, we had Backcountry Black IPA, Twisted River Wit and Riverbank Rye-it Pale Ale on tap. All three seemed to be a hit. The Black IPA kicked first and really stood out with the men. Several guys said, “You have a black IPA?? I want some of that!” Some even came back multiple times for another 3oz sample and asked where they could buy it. I always love it when the ladies get excited about Black IPA’s as well because it’s a very hoppy beer!

The Twisted River Wit was well received too. We heard responses such as “Wow! Nice and light!” and “Love the citrus flavor. Although it was slightly under carbonated, it still had great flavor.

Some of the more seasoned beer connoisseurs raved about the Riverbank Rye-it Pale Ale. It was perfectly carbonated with just the right amount of hops.

After the black IPA kicked, we tapped the 4042 Stout. We were blown away by the reaction to everyone’s first sip. One lady made some very strange… uhhh... borderline inappropriate noises (but so funny!) to express her love for the stout. The next guy in line says, “I will take whatever she is having.” That was funny!! It really seemed to be a big hit. The great thing about the stout is that it has a very strong cocoa taste and aroma but it is not overly heavy. The stout kicked in no time!

In the end, we ran out of beer after 3 hours. That means we poured 1,280 3oz samples. We felt bad that not everyone was able to try our beer but we were not expecting that big of a crowd. It was obviously successful for Brewgaloo and it’s great to see such a large NC Beer community!

Brewgaloo was a great experience because we met so many new people. I was glad to hear so many people express excitement for a brewery opening in downtown Clayton. One lady said, “Clayton… isn’t that where all of the tobacco fields are?” I said, “well yes but there are lots of farms that grow a variety of other things and we plan to source as much as possible from them.” Having farms all around you is not a bad thing! I also heard a lot of “JoCo” references and when I hear that, I know I am talking to a local! I am so glad we have so much local support.

We also had the chance to meet some of the new brewers. We chatted with Fortnight Brewing, Steel String, Natty Green’s, Aviator, and Carolina Brewery. I love the sense of community and comradery between brewers. Even though we all compete with each other, we are still helpful, courteous, and very friendly. What other industry can say that?

A few pictures from the event are below. Enjoy!



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