Our Tasting Room is Shaping Up!

We have been working on finding reclaimed materials for our tasting room for months now and finally found exactly what we were looking for. We were lucky enough to get in contact with a family in Archer Lodge that has several tobacco barns that were sitting empty and unused. The family has been part of the JoCo farming community since the early 1900’s when their great grandfather once owned 3,000 to 4,000 acres. Over the past 100 years, the farm has been divided up between the family but most remains active farming land where they grow mostly tobacco, soy beans, and winter wheat. This family was generous enough to let us have one of their 65 year old tobacco sheds that was once used to cure tobacco. We were blown away by how beautiful the wood was inside. As you can see in the pictures, it has a nice red color to it. The boards are about an inch thick and almost a foot wide.

We called upon our supporters for help and you guys delivered! We had a small crowd of hard workers spend an entire Saturday helping us pull boards, take out every nail, sort the good wood from the bad, and neatly stack it.

It is very important to us to capture the Johnston County feel in everything we do. That is why we searched far and wide throughout JoCo for the perfect barn wood to make our taproom not only unique but memorable. We get great satisfaction out of knowing we were able to reclaim this historic wood and utilize it towards another historic project…. the first brewery in Johnston County! We look forward to everyone enjoying the look and feel of the walls just as much as we will!